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Sunman Fire Department is volunteer, there may not be somebody there to answer the phone. Please leave a message or contact the county dispatch center if you need urgent assistance and they will contact us.

Ripley County - (812) 689-5555

Dearborn County - (812) 537-3431

Franklin County - (765) 647-4138

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About The Sunman Rural Fire Department

The Sunman Rural Fire Department, an all volunteer department, serves the town of Sunman, IN and the surrounding communities within Ripley, Dearborn, and Franklin counties. Look below to learn more about the

Sunman Rural Fire Department.

History of the Sunman Rural Fire Department

     A disastrous fire in 1886 destroyed 4 buildings in Sunman and prompted the citizens to form a volunteer fire department. Although the equipment at the time was not in comparison to the modern equipment that is in service today. A hand Pumper and bucket brigade was the latest variety.


     In 1899 the volunteer group transferred their property to the Town of Sunman. In 1900 ground was leased from the railroad and a 1 bay fire station was erected. In 1905 the largest fire to ever hit Sunman, the fire started in the area of South Meridian & West Washington Street and is still the greatest amount of buildings destroyed. In 1924 the town board improved the fire protection by purchasing a motorized fire Pumper. The truck proved its worth by the success on several fires.

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Support the Sunman Rural Fire Department

    The Sunman Rural Fire Department contracts with the Town of Sunman and the surrounding townships for emergency and fire protection services.  Those funds are used to pay for normal operating expenses.


The Department depends on the generous contributions from the community in order to purchase the fleet and firefighting equipment and the building improvements required to remain a safe and proficient operation.


All firefighters are unpaid volunteers who spend much time training to remain up-to-date and improve our emergency response skills.  If you are interested in supporting the Sunman Rural Fire Department, we encourage you to attend our funding activities, or by mailing a contribution to the address listed below.



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Sunman Rural Fire Department

P.O. Box 396

Sunman, IN 47041


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